Portugal passive income VISA - D7

Prove that you regularly receive moderate passive income and Apply for a D7 visa to Portugal

Who can Apply for a D7 visa?

D7 Visa is available to non-EU / EEA nationals and non-Swiss citizens. The target audience is representatives of the following groups:


This program is an excellent solution for retirees who want to spend their golden years in an resort country.

Digital nomads

If applicant has remote job and sufficient and stable income from abroad.

Holders of passive income

If it’s enough to confirm the existence of a stable income or savings.

Advantages of D7 visa

Freedom of movement

Visa Free travel around the Schengen area. Simplified visa procedure for obtaining a visa to the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Access to the EU

Access to public institutions, free education, social insurance, protection of trade unions, and quality medical care.

Tax optimization

Possibility to minimize personal income tax or complete exemption from income tax after obtaining a special tax residency.

Family Immigration

The applicant may include the spouse, dependent children and parents in their D7 visa application for Portugal.

The EU Passport

Obtaining the right to permanent residence/citizenship after 5 years from the date of the D7 visa to Portugal.


No need to make investments in the economy of the host state, wasting time and efforts to find suitable investment assets.

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Requirements for Portugal D7 visa applicants

Permanent residence in Portugal

A foreigner must purchase or take a long-term lease of an apartment or house in the country. The minimum cost of housing is not indicated. However, preference is given to property owners.

Passive income

The foreigner must show passive confirmed income, which does not depend on the place of residence. The finances must exceed the living wage in Portugal – 635 euros per month or 7 620 euros per year.

If a family moves with the applicant, then for each adult you need to add half of this amount, and for a child – a third. Possible sources of income include:

The easiest way is to show the entire amount in a bank account.

Account amount sufficient for living in Portugal for a year

This is the minimum level that allows you to participate in the program and apply for a residence permit in Portugal.

Note that the higher the amount a financially independent applicant shows, the higher the chances of a positive decision.

Requirements for Portugal D7 visa applicants

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Buying or Renting real estate

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Apply for a D7 visa & Registration in SEF

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Obtaining a residence permit

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